Youth mentors put on Back to School Fashion Show for kids

(Photo: Madison Martin)

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- On Saturday morning in Bowling Green, young boys and girls took to the stage in an effort to inspire and remind themselves of their worth.

The "Making Everything Great" Back to School Fashion Show was held at Broadway United Methodist Church.

The Boys to Men Leadership Group partnered with Girl in the Mirror Program and Tough Luck Design to put on a fashion show for over a dozen children, as family and friends showed their support in the audience.

Altogether, the programs have worked with hundreds of children from across the area to build up the next generation to be productive members in their communities with high self-esteem.

"The world honestly tells our kids who they're not, but when they know exactly who they are and can feel that, you see a difference in them; you see a difference in our community and our world," said LaVonda Burton-Satterfield, founder of Girl in the Mirror Program.

They received donations from the community so that each child was given two to three outfits for going back to school.

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