GOP & Dem last-minute election preps

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Members of both the democratic and republican parties are busy getting their respective Warren County party headquarters ready for election day Tuesday. Monday they were manning the phone banks to get people out to vote.

They're also preparing their volunteers to tell callers where to vote tomorrow, coordinating locations for people to hold up campaign signs, even helping take people to the polls.

"We will be getting people to the polls," said Warren County Democratic Party Chair Charlene Rabold. "We will be answering lots of questions about where will I vote at tomorrow."

"We have folks here in the office that are callin' and reachin' out to voters, " said Warren County Republican Party Chair Scott Lasley, "particularly those who have indicated they're likely to vote republican."

Both sides say this is an especially important year to get people out to vote.

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