Walk To Remember Srebrenica 2019

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Over the years, numerous people from Bosnia have made Bowling Green their new home.

10% of the Bowling Green population is of Bosnian descent.

Saturday morning hundreds of people gathered at Circus Square Park to raise awareness for the brutalities that occurred in Srebrenica on July 11, 1995.

The Walk To Remember Srebrenica purpose is to raise awareness about genocide.

Twenty-four years later and families are affected by the repercussions of the massacre.

"I have quite a few family members including my grandfather, uncles, and cousins that have passed away in the Srebrenica Massacre. We actually didn't find the remains of a lot of my family members until many years later. One of my uncles has still not been found," said Sabina Husic.

30,000 people were expelled from their homes in the worst atrocity in Europe since the Holocaust.

8,372 steps were taken to represent each innocent life taken in the massacre.

"There are families that still haven't gained closure, they still don't know where their loved ones are, they still haven't had the opportunity to give them a proper burial. So there are still so many unresolved and unanswered questions," said Husic.

City Commissioners Sue Paragin, Slim Nash, and Dana Beasley-Brown were also in attendance to declare July 11th a day of remembrance.

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