All Seasons Father's Day Recipe


1- Slab- favorite kind of rib
½- Cup yellow mustard
1- Cup italian dressing
½- Cup john henrys pecan or apple rub
Salt & pepper to taste


Cut ribs into equal halves. Place ribs into food safe plastic bags or baking dish.
Add Italian dressing to coat ribs. Place in refrigerator for 12- 24 hours this process is your key to success.
Turn ribs several times to make sure marinade is coating ribs well.
When ready to cook pre-heat grill with grill on medium heat.
Remove ribs from marinade and discard all remaining marinade.
Place ribs on clean flat surface.
Coat outside of ribs with yellow mustard.
Salt & pepper to taste. Now sprinkle all ribs with John Henry's pecan or apple rub making sure to cover entire surface of ribs.
Place ribs on rib rack and grill slowly on low heat for 1 hour or until done. Serve fresh corn on the cob & french fries! Gotta love these ribs!