C-USA Basketball Media Day 2019

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FRISCO, Tx --- (WBKO) The Hilltoppers and Lady Toppers head into the new season with a lot of returning talent from last year's team.

The Hilltoppers return four of their five starters, while the Lady Toppers return their top five scorers from last year's squad. Head coaches Rick Stansbury and Greg Collins talked about what that experience means going into the new season.

"You get a little bit of continuity in your program, you don't have to coach every drill. You know you got some guys who know what the drill is number one, the energy and toughness you do it at. We have good young kids. And it has been easy for them to jump in there and catch on early," said men's coach Rick Stansbury.

Lady Topper's Coach Greg Collins said they're trying to put everything together with the team that they have coming back.

"We've got a good core coming back with Renime, Dee Givens and Whit Creech, so it's really building on what we did last year and set some new goals," said Collins.

Both coaches also spoke about their predictions heading into the season.

"Well, our goal every year is to compete for a championship," said Stansbury. "If you are picked up towards the top you have an opportunity to do that. And we feel like this team has an opportunity and chance to do it. But that doesn't assure anything. It puts a big bullseye on your chest and no matter where you go you are that opponent's biggest game."

"This is about as strong as this conference has been since I have been coaching in it. Rice is good, Middle Tennessee is strong," said Collins.

Both the men's team and women's team tip-off November 5, with the Hilltoppers taking on Tennessee Tech in E.A. Diddle Arena and the women's team going on the road to face the Louisville Cardinals.