Freelancers left waiting for sports and income to return

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Sporting events across the county have been either postponed or canceled, leaving many freelancers without a primary source of income.

"You know I do this for a living so getting all this work and games canceled was kind of a shock to the system," Steven Bocanegra, a freelance camera operator in Dallas, Texas said.

"Then it wasn't just sporting events," Kelcee Harwood, a photographer said. "Then it started to become all events." Harwood lost out on several concerts along with several sporting events.

Photographers, camera operators, utility workers, and many more now without work.

"My next big job was working nine days for the Final Four down in Atlanta," WKU alum and freelancer Nick Spearman said.

Bocanegra said he lost work for all of April and is expecting the jobs he has booked from May through July to be postponed as well.

Currently, there is no clear date on when major league sports like the NBA, MLB, and NHL will return. Not to mention college and NFL football this fall. This has left many freelancers having to either find part-time work or play the waiting game.

"I heard that Amazon was hiring so I'm trying to do that," Spearman said. "I'm trying to hold off on applying for unemployment if I can."

Harwood has begun selling her prints and images. Meanwhile, Bocanegra is hoping things will get back to normal soon. If not he will likely search for a part-time job.

Some freelancers are getting help from teams that they work for or their clients. The Dallas Mavericks are paying Bocanegra for the remain games he was booked for.

"So that's a big help actually and you know we really appreciate it," Bocanegra said.

Spearman also has had clients pay him for events he was booked for but had to be postponed.

Several clients of Harwood's have paid her in advance for scheduled photoshoots.

"I have a wedding to shoot in July and that client paid me this month the outright amount she owes me," Harwood said.

With so much uncertainty, the sooner sports get back to the fields, the courts, and the rinks the better.

"We do miss it. We want to go back to work," Bocanegra said. "We understand why it's happening but we're just hoping everything gets back to normal."