Game 1 Presser / UCA - Head Coach Tyson Helton and Defensive Coordinator Clayton White

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Bowling Green, Ky. (WBKO) --- Head Coach Tyson Helton

Opening statement:
"Appreciate everybody being here. Finally game week, everybody's excited for the first game of the season, can't wait for it to be here. Thought the team had a great fall camp, I think they're right where they need to be. Really looking forward to Thursday night, as you know, I think it ought to be a great crowd, and we'll see what kind of football team we have. Our kids are excited for the opportunity to go out there and perform."

On the importance of winning your first game:
"Obviously winning builds confidence and that's the name of the game. Every game you go into you expect to win, you don't hope you win you expect you win. We expect to win this football game, but with that being said we're playing a pretty dang good opponent. In the opener last year, they go to Tulsa and really had a great opportunity to win the game. I look at their football team, both offensively and defensively, it will be a great challenge for us. Our guys have to be ready to play, we have to play good football and if we do that then hopefully we'll come out with a W. But this is a good opponent that we're about to play and it will be a good test for our football team."

On the season opener being on a Thursday:
"For the first game I really like it, and I think it's going to be really good. You get to be one of the first games of the college football season, so it puts you on a little bit of a different platform, which I like. Thursday nights are always great for the college students, so I expect our students to be out and be excited. I think our community will be excited, I think they'll come out and it will be a great atmosphere. So I'm excited for the first game to be on a Thursday. Now, does it throw a kink in your game-week schedule? Yes it does. But for the first week you have enough time to work around that."

Defensive Coordinator Clayton White

On which defensive players will see the field:
"The depth chart is pretty much set from training camp. Coaches have their rotations and coaches have their guys who they sub in on certain packages, but for the most part we really can't tell guys who's going to play. It's not like local football where you play a certain quarter, this is big-time college football, so guys have to earn that time and that's where we are."

On having experience on the defensive side:
"It helps a little but those first-game jitters are always going to be there. You want to make sure your guys are seeing what they need to see throughout the week. You also want to make sure when they get out in the first game they're not too anxious and do something they wouldn't normally do. But you're definitely confident that you have some guy

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