Hilltopper Fall Camp Report – August 14

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Bowling Green, Ky. (WBKO) --- Now past the halfway point of WKU Football fall camp, the offensive line is fine-tuning its work leading into the 2019 season opener vs. Central Arkansas on Thursday, August 29. After the 13th team practice on Wednesday, offensive line coach Mike Goff and a pair of his players gave their insight into how the group is progressing.

"We're just getting the right mentality and trying to find out exactly who we are," junior center – and 2019 Rimington Trophy watch lister – Seth Joest said. "We're getting there, we had a really good day today so we're going to find it."

Sophomore tackle Mason Brooks also gave his thoughts, commenting on the difficult task he and his unit have of lining up against this Hilltopper defense: "The D-line that we have is fantastic and they're pushing you every day. I enjoy how much better they make us, it's really a blessing to have that much talent on this team ... We cranked it up this week and we definitely take it to them, just like they take it to us."

As the offensive line continues to grow and develop, they will certainly be leaning on Goff, who boasts a 12-year NFL career and six seasons of collegiate coaching experience. His unique knowledge of fundamentals and schemes has greatly helped the offensive line room since the first day he stepped on the Feix Field turf.

"Through his years in the league, he really knows his stuff. He's helping us a ton, he fit right in and he's a great coach," Joest said. "We're grinding in individuals and he's making sure that we're getting going and getting things right."

As far as how things are progressing in the eyes of Goff, he commented: "It's always a work in progress and one special thing within an offensive line unit is that it's a team within a team. We have five guys that have to rely on five guys – we don't have individual stats, we have group stats."

Goff continued: "Looking at this group, they accept every day as a challenge and they do the best they can. Anybody can come out and have one good day, but really good teams with really good offensive lines stack those back-to-back-to-back ... You're looking for the complete package of finish, assignment, making sure that we're running after the ball; it's a collection of things."

Goff also restated his excitement on being a Hilltopper, and shared what brought him to this program: "Coach [Bryan Ellis] and Coach [Tyson Helton] told me a lot about WKU when we were out at USC together, so when this opportunity came up I called them back five minutes later. With all of the history of this program, I'm thrilled to be here and to be a part of it."

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