Inline Hockey In Warren County

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) --- Basil Griffin Park In Bowling Green hosts one of the neater change-of-pace sports in South Central Kentucky.

The Warren County Inline Hockey League started up last weekend with adults and children as young as six years old taking part in the sport in which players wear hockey uniforms but wear roller blades instead of skates and play on a dry surface inside the rink.

The temperatures were in the high 80s, proof that the sport is a labor of love for coaches, players, and officials.

"There's a lot of energy. It;'s very fun," says inline hockey referee Greg Hickman. "The kids are all very excited. Especially today, the first day of our season. We're having exhibition games so they're all excited to get out here."

Nathan Fielder of the Warren County Inline Hockey League loves the excitement of the sport.

"Fast as a puck moves is as fast as a baseball moves most of the time," says Fielder. "And it's constantly going that fast. So, it's definitely different."

One Saturday afternoon game matched up a pair of youth teams, the Blues and the Crush.

"They're (Crush) the best," said Crush Coach Ian Platter, lavishing praise on his players. "Definitely better than any other team."

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