"Kentucky Sports Guys" Educate And Talk The Talk

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EDMONTON, Ky. (WBKO) --- A pair of Metcalfe County educators have many talents that include the gift of gab and an ear for tunes.

Metcalfe County High School English teacher Bryant Stockton and Director Of Instruction for Metcalfe County Schools Josh Hurt have turned their speaking talents into affectionately being known as the "Kentucky Sports Guys".

It started in the basement of one of the co-hosts' homes. And has added to the toolbox of the many talents of Metcalfe County Schools' teachers, administrators, and coaches Bryant Stockton and Josh Hurt. A Wednesday evening radio show, "The Kentucky Sports Guys".

"He (Stockton) said, you know, we should do a podcast. And I said, 'why not'." co-host Hurt said. "The next thing you know, people started listening and, all of a sudden, we're on 99.1, The Hoss. It's just crazy how everything came together."

Stockton said their love for broadcasting is a factor in their extra occupation.

"We never had an episode where we walked away saying 'that was not fun'," Stockton said. "Because I think...part of it...it's just what we do."

Hurt and Stockton also put their vocal skills to work in musical form. As part of the popular band, Hornets Nest Pickers.

"And when you're out there, that enthusiasm from the crowd---just like it does in a basketball game---or just like it does in a broadcast," added Hurt. "And I know there's not a crowd but you know people are watching."

Hurt and Stockton are most passionate about sports. And coaching is the reason for that. Stockton is the track and field coach at Metcalfe County. Hurt is the reigning 4th Region Coach Girls Basketball Coach Of The Year during his recent stint as the Lady Hornets' coach. Game nights often include Hurt coaching, then joining Stockton for the Hornets' boys basketball broadcast.

"I could look down there and almost know what he's thinking a lot of times...and speculate," added Stockton. "I don't try to speculate too much---but speculate as what he's thinking when something happens."

Current and former Metcalfe County High School students respect and admire Hurt andf Stockton's multiple talents.

"He's just there for anything I ever need him for. You know...always give helpful advice whenever I get down on myself, or frustrated," said Metcalfe County High School Alum Gunnar Word, who serves as an intern for Hurt and Stockton's radio show. "Always there."

Stockton and Hurt are passionate about teaching, coaching, sports, and music. But the radio show might be their true pride and joy because of its humble beginnings.

We started in my basement...doing a podcast on some old equipment that Josh had," Stockton said. " We think we do something pretty unique, pretty fun. We love doing it."

The "Kentucky Sports Guys" radio show can be heard every Wednesday night at 5 p.m. on 99.1 The Hoss in Edmonton.

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