Pair of Hilltoppers Back in Their Home State for First Responder Bowl

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Dallas, TX (WBKO) --- When it was announced that WKU would be headed to Dallas, Texas for the First Responder Bowl, two members of the had one thought, "I'm coming home."

Offensive linemen Mason Brooks and Garrett Nickelson are both from the Lone Star State and are beyond excited to be back.

"Getting that news and being able to come home to Texas has been so incredible," Brooks said.

"Once I figured out we were coming back here I got super excited," Nickelson said.

For both players, being back in Texas means that many family members and friends now I have the chance to see Brooks and Nickleson play. Brooks' family lives in the Dallas area while Nickelson is from Houston. With the Hilltoppers bowl game taking place in their home state, Brooks and Nickelson will have plenty of fans coming out to support them come game time on December 30. Brooks tried to get as many as 65 tickets for the bowl game.

"You know when you come home and everyone's just like hey man been trying to see you in forever just haven't been able to get a ticket, can you send me a couple," Brooks said

Meanwhile, Nickelson has about 20 family members attending the game.

"You know being this far from home in Bowling Green it's kind of hard for family members to make the games," Nickelson said. "So I couldn't be more excited to have that many people there."

As for the rest of the team, they looked to the Texas natives on advice for what to do in the state.

"I'm definitely the tour guide of the group," Brooks said.

Of course, no trip to Texas is complete without a trip to the Texas hamburger chain, Whataburger. A place Brooks and Nickelson made sure their teammates made a stop at.

"They wanted to go to In-n-Out," Brooks said. "I told them to turn around and go to Whataburger."

Brooks, Nickelson, and the rest of the Hilltoppers will kickoff against Western Michigan at 11:30 a.m. CT on December 30 at Gerald J. Ford Stadium.

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