Spring sport seniors with college aspirations left with recruiting challenges

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - The spring sports season may happen. It may not happen. Right now no one is playing which leaves seniors with hopes to play at the college level in a bind.

"It makes it tough for guys that want to move on and maybe play college ball," said Wes Sanford, the Warren East baseball coach.

No games being played means fewer opportunities for seniors to showcase their talents to recruiters. The less tape a school has on a player, the harder it is for the school to make the player an offer.

"It's just a little tough you know. said Tanner Burkhard, a senior pitcher for Warren East. "I'm still holding on to hope that will come back and play but I'm still trying to do as much as I can at home."

In order to try and stay on the radars of schools, coaches and players have had to get creative in finding ways to demonstrate a player's talents.

Burkhard started using the app Field Level. The app lets players post videos demonstrating skills such as different types of pitches. A college coach can then see those videos and reach out to that individual.

"I've gotten a couple, I think 5 or so coaches reach out to me from that," Burkhard said.

Coach Sanford said he's seen more traffic on the app since high schools across the country have had their seasons either canceled or postponed.

Nick Morosa, and senior tennis player at Glasgow is planning on playing tennis at Campbellsville University. The pause on his final season has had a slight impact on his recruitment.

"Campbellsville told me everything was alright," Morosa said. "I just won't be doing any signing because of social distancing."

Morosa had several matches scheduled this season near Campbellsville, hoping the tennis coach could attend.

"I guess I just lost all those chances of him looking at me playing," Morosa said.

Joe Downing, the tennis coach for Glasgow said he hates seeing Morosa not have a chance to compete.

"I hate him not being able to develop and show much more strength and how much stronger he is this year, Downing said."

The greatest challenge athletes and coaches will face is the college recruiter's inability to see how the player performs in a game. Athletes can showcase their talents through videos. However, it's hard to recreate the various situations that present themselves in games.