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About Us

Hospice of Southern Kentucky has been providing medical care to south central Kentucky for 30 years.  While other companies are providing Hospice in this area, Hospice of Southern Kentucky is the only local hometown hospice provider.  We cover the 9 county BRADD area.  We have invested over 3.5 million dollars in this community to provide in-patient hospice care with our state of the art Hospice Center.  For information or questions please call 1-800-344-9479 or visit  Hospice of Southern Kentucky, choose US!

Hospice of Southern Kentucky FAQ

What is Hospice?
Hospice is not just a place, it's a service. Hospice provides comfort care, psychosocial, emotional, and spiritual support to patients and families in their home or in our Hospice Center. These services are for those whose terminal illness is not responding to treatment, or they have chosen not to pursue treatment.

What does Hospice cost?
Hospice is a covered Medicare benefit for all eligible patients, with no out of pocket expense. Hospice is also covered by most Medicaid and commercial insurances.

Who qualifies for Hospice?
Any terminal diagnosis may qualify, it is not just for cancer patients. There is no time limit on Hospice. Once a patient has a terminal diagnosis, and they choose comfort care versus curative care they may receive Hospice services.

How do I get Hospice service?
Your physician can determine when Hospices service is needed, and will continue to be involved throughout the course of your care. The first step is talking to your physician about Hospice, and asking them to request a nurse from Hospice of Southern Kentucky to evaluate the patient, in your home, nursing home or in the hospital.

Why do people choose Hospice of Southern Kentucky?
We are a non profit organization that has been serving patients in south central Kentucky for 30 years. We provide the Southern Kentucky area with the only in-patient Hospice facility the Hospice House that opened in 2008. This upscale, state of the art facility sits next to a horse farm to provide the comfort and dignity you and your family deserve.