Address: 1301 North Race Street
T.J. Samson Community Hospital Room 333
Glasgow, KY 42141 View Map

Phone: 270-576-7072

About Us

Stay Strong.  Stay Sober

Our focus is to identify and address youth alcohol, tobacco and drug substance use problems by creating sustainable community-level change. Our environmental approach looks beyond the individual user to the group, community, and culture for factors that affect substance abuse.
We work to prevent youth substance abuse in Barren, Hart, and Metcalfe Counties by providing youth leadership and collaboration with community sectors to educate the community about substance abuse.

Provide leadership and collaborate with community sectors to prevent and reduce youth substance abuse.

Prevent and reduce youth substance abuse in Barren, Hart & Metcalfe Counties.

KY ASAP Barren, Hart & Metcalfe Counties FAQ

What is KY-ASAP?
KY-ASAP is a grant funded program through Drug Free Communities (DFC)and Agency for Substance Abuse Policy (ASAP) to help educate and prevent youth alcohol, tobacco and drug use. We serve the Tri-County area of Barren, Hart & Metcalfe Counties. We are currently in year 9 of the grant.

What services do you provide to the Tri-County area?
KY-ASAP provides:

-alcohol, tobacco and drug presentations for youth and adults
-alcohol simulation goggles for youth
-alcohol and tobacco compliance checks
-youth events that are alcohol and drug free
-tobacco cessation classes
-in home prescription drug disposal kits
-K-12 school-based alcohol, tobacco and drug prevention curriculum
-training opportunities
-resource library
-after prom/graduation activities
-red ribbon week in local schools
-youth leadership program

Are there any opportunities to volunteer with KY-ASAP?
Yes, there are volunteer opportunities. Our KY-ASAP is made up of volunteers from 12 different sectors of the communities served. We have an Alcohol Focus Group, Tobacco Focus Group and Drug Focus Group that meet bi-monthly to discuss prevention strategies and implement programs which is a great way to get involved. We, also have a youth leadership team that we work with to build leadership skills and teach prevention in order for the youth to successfully mentor other youth to be alcohol, tobacco and drug free. To volunteer for that program a person would need to go through the school background check program before starting. Also, we have different events throughout the year that we utilize volunteers for as well.

Where is KY-ASAP located?
KY-ASAP is located in T.J. Samson Community Hospital in Glasgow in Room 333 which is on the 3rd floor. Also, you can access us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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