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About Us

Life's Better Together is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides financial peace of mind to families that have a child or a parent battling a chronic illness in the South Central Kentucky area. 100% of al proceeds directly benefit a family in need. Our idea is to pick up where insurance stops and alleviate financial needs during treatment and recovery.

What Makes Us Different

Since the beginning, Life's Better Together's founders have graciously paid 100% of all start-up and ongoing Administrative expenses to date. We have no rent, staff or other costs associated with running our nonprofit. That means every penny donated goes to where it is needed most, the families who are affected by illness.

We are not a large corporation, we simply believe that it is OUR responsibility to help our fellow man. Life's Better Together is guided by the sole principle referenced by Mahatma Gandhi "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

We fully understand that no one can do this without others getting involved and donating. We need volunteers, financial support, as well as people sharing our Facebook page.



Life's Better Together FAQ

What inspired you to start Life's Better Together?
I have been inspired to start LBT due to my own personal experiences and losing my husband, Aaron, to a rare lymphoma when our son was only three years old. Aaron was diagnosed when our son was just barely over a year old and we were living in the Nashville area. All of our family lived in Bowling Green, so after many hospital stays we decided to move back to Kentucky. Throughout his battle, we were constantly surrounded by family and friends who made sure we never had to mow our yard, who could pick our son up from daycare if we were in a long treatment at Vanderbilt, who would make sure we groceries and food. Not everyone has that type of support system, that's what LBT is designed to be for families.

How do we find families?
Families are referred to us in a number of ways. Some are referred by their own family members or friends. We receive referrals from oncologists at the hospitals. We also have social workers at Vanderbilt, Kosairs and Cincinnati that refer families. All referrals go through our website which helps us obtain the diagnosis, the treating hospital and preferred contact methods.

How is the assistance disbursed?
The financial assistance we provide goes directly to a third party. We do this for a number of reasons, but mostly because we want to physically remove their mortgage payment, car payment, or utilities from their plate. By paying third parties, we feel it is one less stress for the families and they can truly concentrate on treatment and recovery.

What expenses do you pay for?
We offer assistance for a number of household expenses. Most commonly we pay for mortgages, car payments and utilities. Once a referral is received we meet with the family and develop a plan tailored to their specific needs. Maybe they need new tires on their vehicle transporting a family member back and forth to treatments - we will pay for those. Maybe they need their home professionally cleaned before returning home from a long hospital stay - we will pay for that as well. The assistance we provide is truly a plan we build together in order to give them some peace of mind.

How can people help?
We have several events that raise a large amount of income. Specifically the "A Miracle on College Street Mile," which is a one-mile family friendly mile around downtown BG which is the official kickoff to the BG Christmas Parade. We have partnered with the Kiwanis Club of BG and were chosen as the recipient for their annual "Zombie Walk" scheduled for September 9th. We have partnered with Highland Stables and receive a donation for handling parking during "Gypsymoon Marketplace." Lastly we have a continual donation campaign called #25on25 where we encourage famlies to donate $25 on the 25th of every month. This is a way to have constant income without the manpower of an event. Our goal is to have 50 members which would total $15,000 in annual income and we are currently at 24! Lastly we have a running program entitled #Werun4LBT where individuals participating in races can design their own Go Fund Me page and raise money for us throughout their training.

We provide temporary financial assistance to families who have a child or a parent facing ongoing medical issues.

Our volunteers are ready to act when called upon to make life easy on families in need. Lawn care companies, firemen, church groups, and professional cleaning companies have committed themselves to be great community partners in our endeavor!

One of our long term goals is to show there is a need, locally, to provide ongoing treatment services, education, and support focusing exclusively on children.

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