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About Us

Kentucky's ONLY Underground Boat Tour and the enchanting Butterfly Habitat await you at Lost River Cave. Daylight disappears from view as you board the boat on the river that Ripley's Believe It or Not claims is the shortest, deepest in the world. A comfortable 57 degrees year round, the boat tour offers a visit into the timeless world of a Kentucky Natural wonder.



One of the many great sponsors of Moms Everyday, Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, Kentucky offers a variety of walking trails, historic sites, and cave tours.(Full Story)

Lost River Cave FAQ

When are you open?
We are open 7 days each week from 9 am to 5 pm throughout the year. Beat the crowds by coming out during the week, especially during this special event.

Do you take reservations for the boat tour?
Reservations are not accepted so we recommend that you arrive early in the day, especially on week-ends.

How long is the tour?
The two-part tour takes about 45 minutes. The first 20 minutes you will walk along the riverwalk with your guide, learning about the history and geology of the cave. Then for Part Two , you will board the boat to explore the cave as you float along the Lost River beneath the city of Bowling Green.

What else is there to do?
Wildflower Gifts is open each day and provides a variety of delightfully different gift collections. You can enjoy a hike along the Blue Hole Trails; explore the Wetlands; try your hand at the gem stone sluice; or earn your Junior Tour Guide Badge. Bring a picnic lunch and spend the day.

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Lost River Cave