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Glasgow mayor-elect, Harold Armstrong, talks about his vision for his term

Rep. Rocky Adkins to Make Special Announcement Wednesday in Rowan County

New 20th District State Rep. Patti Minter prepares for work in Frankfort

Sheldon eager represent 17th District in Frankfort

Marsy's Law approved by voters, wording on ballot still in question

Barr, Yarmuth fend of challenges for Congress

Kentucky Election Map 2018

Balance of Power | 2018 Midterm Election Results

Republicans rally for the final time hours before polls open

Bowling Green rally to feature Sen. McConnell, Sen. Paul, Cong. Guthrie and more

Find your polling location and view a sample ballot

Bowling Green City Commission candidates discuss unifying community

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell comments on Nikki Haley's resignation

GOP candidates hold meet and greet

Rand Paul "absolutely" supports Kavanaugh following allegations

With teachers watching, Kentucky court to consider pensions

Democrat State Rep. Wilson Stone apologizes for mistake

Sen. Rand Paul on economy, NYT op-ed and Kavanaugh

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