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Lawsuit: Flood damage at Noah's Ark attraction in Kentucky

Authorities raid 247 Colorado homes growing black market pot

Trump Administration moves to revoke transgender health protection

Missing kayaker has been found in the Big Sandy River

US charges WikiLeaks founder with publishing classified info

US beefing up forces in Middle East to counter Iran

Same-sex couples start registering marriages in Taiwan

A new program in Kentucky helps experienced veterans get jobs

Kelly Autism Program has first student graduate WKU with special education degree

Robert Conway wins Democratic nomination for Agriculture Commissioner

Ryan Quarles wins Republican nomination for Kentucky agriculture commissioner

Sheri Donahue wins Democratic nomination for Ky. Auditor

Michael Adams wins GOP nomination for Ky. Secretary of State

Daniel Cameron wins GOP nomination for Ky. Attorney General

Andy Beshear wins Democratic nomination for Ky. Governor

Michael Bowman wins democratic nomination for Treasurer

State Lawmakers speak about the dangers of distracted driving

Water treatment plant accident

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