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Scholar of the Week

Andrea Lenoir and Carlie Nash

Hannah Frady and Jenna Rampenthal

Sophie Pemberton and Ashanti Talbott

Madison Hawkins and Madelyne Smith

Alayna Petri and Daman Cusick

Camille Moore and Parker Stobaugh

Annee Lasley and Noah Haas

Hayden Lasley and Jennay Leslie

Torrence Baylis and Marcella Doran

Amber Rosenberger and Trenton Brown

Sophie Sorrells and Patrick Handley

Reagan Fletcher and Cameron Walker

Ronit Patel and Reagan Henderson

Shelby Helton and Blake Martin

William Carroll and Kassidy Phelps

Harper Popplewell and Nathan Petrie

Jeremiah Adams and Lyndsi Snyder

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