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Our apps connect you with local stories and weather, breaking news, live TV and award-winning investigative journalism.

  • Exclusive live radar and weather alerts based on your location
  • Watch live newscasts and streaming content
  • Personalized news alerts on topics that matter most to you


TV Apps on ROKU, Apple TV, and more...

  • Browse current news and top content from our station at your convenience
  • Get the most up-to-date weather forecasts for your location
  • App refreshes with new videos throughout the day
  • On-demand video clips, live streams, and more
WBKO TV apps

WBKO is also available on Hulu Live, YouTube TV, and many other live TV platforms. You can also watch our latest newscasts on VUit!

Amazon Alexa

Listen to top stories from our station through Alexa’s Flash Briefing. Get quick updates on exclusive local stories and breaking news important to you. The briefing lasts about 90 seconds and covers some of the day’s top headlines.