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Proven and Measurable Results with WBKO Marketing
It’s our job to bring you ideas that are proven to work for your category of business around the country. We’re able to do this by leaning on thousands of deep business conversations with business owners like you, through 57+ Gray Television stations as well as our marketing consultants with Jim Doyle & Associates.

Get $600 in Free Digital Advertising
As seen on TV… and online! Let one of our Television and Digital Marketing Specialists build a custom plan for your business, and we’ll give you $600 worth of advertising on WBKO’s website and apps at no charge. Our platforms see millions of local page views each month from a loyal audience that trusts WBKO for their local news, weather, and sports.

You’ll choose from the following (decision maker for your business must be present at our proposal) -
• 50,000 display ads per month for 2 months
• 6 days worth of full-screen ads on our mobile and tablet apps
• 3 days worth of sponsored news articles
* video production charges may apply unless you have your own commercial

WBKO and Gray Television Offers Much More than Local TV
While television is still a very effective strategy for many local businesses, we have learned that television works even better when paired with the right digital strategies. There are also many digital options that are good for businesses with smaller budgets that need to focus on something very specific and grow over time.

Digital Marketing Strategies Include -
• Website Development in 30 Business Days starting at $3,999 (half up front and half when published)
• SEO and Search Engine Marketing starting at $499 per month
• Display or Video Ads on WBKO’s Website and Apps starting at $300 per month
• WBKO Homepage Takeovers starting at $750 per day
• Full Screen (Interstitial) Ads on WBKO’s Mobile and Tablet Apps starting at $100 per day
• Sponsored News Articles (Native Ads) starting at $100 per day
• Audience Targeting w/ Geo-Fencing starting at $500 per month
• Targeted YouTube Commercials starting at $300 per month
• Social Media Campaigns starting at $399 per month (we even pay to boost your posts)
• Targeted E-Mail Marketing starting at $1,499 for two sends to 15,000 addresses
• OTT Commercials (Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Sling, DirecTV Now, etc…) starting at $875 per month

The Best in Reporting
We pair our exclusive ad campaign analytics dashboard with Google Analytics to bring you live and monthly reporting, and we believe you will agree that it is better and more transparent than any reporting you’ve seen before! We will look at your data to make sure your television and/or digital marketing is effective, making informed improvements when we see the opportunity to do so. Some clients love to dig into this data with us on a regular basis. Others want us to boil it down and give them the basics. Wherever you fall on that front, you will enjoy working with our team to make your campaigns the best they can be. (Note: Using Google Analytics with our platforms may require some cooperation from your website developer if we did not set up your website or tracking code…)

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Brad Odil
Vice President and General Manager

Tim Maloney
Local Sales Manager

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Media Manager

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TV and Digital Marketing Specialist

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TV and Digital Marketing Specialist

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Local Sales Coordinator

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Television and Digital Marketing Specialist

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TV and Digital Marketing Specialist

Judy Hildabrand
TV and Digital Marketing Specialist

Brandon Miles
Director of Digital Services

Laura Serbon
National Sales Manager

Dave Thomas
National Sales Manager

Advertising Non-Discrimination Certification

 Stations licensed to Gray Television do not discriminate in the sale of advertising time, and will accept no advertising which is placed with intent to discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity. The parties to an agreement for the sale of advertising time on a station licensed to Gray Television affirm that nothing in that agreement will discriminate in any way on the basis of race or ethnicity.

Mike Jones
Director of National Political Sales
Gray Television – Washington, DC
desk: (202) 400-0598

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Individuals with disabilities who have questions about or need assistance with our Closed Captioning or our Public Inspection File may contact our station's captioning hotline or our public file liaison.

Captioning Hotline: 270-467-0342 or or fax to 270-781-1814.

Public File Liaison: Barbara Powell, 270-467-0303,