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Disclaimer: Not all organizations list their closing with WBKO! When in doubt, please call ahead to your place of employment before traveling in unsafe conditions. It is also a good idea to check the appropriate websites or social media. WBKO is not responsible for any fraudulent closing submissions, but we do attempt to verify each account and keep all contact information on file. Stay safe!

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How Does This Work? (Please Read)
1.) This service is for school administrators and business owners to use in submitting closing information to WBKO. Please do not sign up to receive closing information. All closing information will be posted on our website and apps. Requests from students and parents will be discarded.

2.) If you are a school administrator or business owner, fill out the form completely. We can also create accounts for churches and organizations. We may need to validate your affiliation with the group you are submitting for. This is easiest when you use an e-mail address already associated with the school, business, or organization. Examples: name@school.edu or name@business.com

3.) You will receive a User ID and Password (both will be a set of numbers) via e-mail (this could take up to three business days depending on the volume of requests). Make sure to check your Spam or Junk folders just in case.

4.) Keep this information on file to log in and manage your closing information for future weather events. Please share this login information with anyone in your organization who may need to use it to avoid duplicate requests.

Note: Only school closings will be posted on television! All other closings will be posted on our website and apps. Due to an overwhelming number of requests typically received during a weather event, please understand those accounts will likely not be ready for that event. Calling the station will not expedite that process. Thank you for your patience.