‘Prayers really work’: Misty Loman shares recovery story behind viral photos

Misty Loman's story was told before she had the chance to explain
Published: Oct. 14, 2020 at 6:41 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - When Misty Loman’s mugshots were posted online last year, social media users were sharing and retweeting her story with much speculation.

I decided to contact Misty to get her side of the story and an update on how her life is doing. Misty is doing quite well and is now 14 months sober.

“I was broken, mind, body, and spirit. I have seen no way out. I didn’t want to wake up. I lost everything. I was homeless. I had lost my kids. I literally lost my mind. And I didn’t really think I’d ever snap back,” said Loman.

Misty is no stranger to the justice system, she told me she has been in and out of jail 15 times.

“I knew a lot about recovery but I never wanted to apply, like, I couldn’t get my mind right. I was so disturbed,” said Loman.

What the now-viral photos don’t reveal is Misty’s past. Misty was diagnosed with Lupus, bone cancer, and Scleroderma (hardening of the skin). She also suffered the deaths of not one but three children, which was ultimately her reasons for turning to drugs. While drugs affected her appearance, they aren’t the sole reason as autoimmune diseases and cancer can wreak havoc on one’s body.

“I had no intentions. I was gonna get high until I died. Doctors didn’t give me much time to live and I just spiraled out of control. I saw no way out. I was so depressed. I didn’t want to wake up. I lost all my hair, it got really bad. I lost my kids. I was homeless. I was at rock bottom,” said Loman.

RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE This is Misty Loman. She is internet famous for meth progression. A lot of you probably recognize...

Posted by Brandon Jarrett on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

After going through another treatment center and rededicating her life to God, Misty is now 14 months sober and getting better every day.

“Some of us don’t recover. Some of us don’t. We don’t make it, but if she can go through the things that she went through and be where she’s at today, then any of us can get it if we just grasp it,” said Haylea Allen, member of Sisters in Sobriety.

“If you are struggling and you see no way out and your mind, body, and spirit is broken, just ask God. Prayers really work they really do. I’m living proof of it,” said Loman.

Celebrating victory in sobriety, Misty is now on the path to recovery and hopes her story can impact others that may be struggling with addiction.

“God will help you in your weakest moment,” said Loman.

Misty says she wants to thank Lesa Brooks and the Sisters in Sobriety program for being there when she needed someone.

If you would like to donate to Misty, you can find her GoFundMe by clicking here.

Misty asked that I attach this statement from her about her life and her story:

"My name is Misty Loman (41) currently live in Bowling Green ‚KY @ Sisters in Sobriety sober living @lesa booker house doing long term treatment( in 3 more months I’ll graduate!!!) I have 2 living sons Corey 23 / Jacob 16 that I adore & love with my whole heart. I have lost 3 sons one that died while incarcerated in jail( full-term) stillborn due to abruption at birth. After I was released two weeks to bury my baby I was sent to jail/ prison and did 2 years straight on my 5 yr sentence where I grieved and was stressed out to the max. Is when it triggered my diagnosis and started attacking my skin on my face, arms, scalp. I had so much fear that I wasn’t going to make it out that I was going to die in there one of my biggest fears( I didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror ) This is when I hit my knees and started praying out to God to help me heal my broken heart !! After released Not long after this I lost a set of twin boys one that died inside of me & the other one lived for 28days old. These tragedies have traumatized me ( these were not drug-related)was stemmed from my sickness. Here’s a little of my story my appearance from my mugshot a year ago that went viral from a sheriff from out of state stating some inaccurate info. It stemmed from a very rare type of lupus I have 2 types of 4 which affect the skin and organs. I have lupus panniculitis/ cancer as well as scleroderma ( hardening/ sinking of the skin only on face arms and scalp) I then was in a lot of fear of dying due to my time was limited I was so broken in my mind ‚body, spirit. Had so much fear of dying leaving my kids behind. That I couldn’t get my mind right saw no way out turned to drugs & alcohol to mask the pain and to feel numb. I was in a dark scary place lost ‚confused severe depression, I didn’t want to live anymore. This is when my drug use spiraled out of control I prayed for God a lot of nights for him to not let me wake up. I had hit rock bottom the lowest in my life I’d ever been. I then went through chemo experimental injections where I lost all of my hair which again was so devastating. At this point is when God started showing up & showing out through people, places, things. My family & kids worried sick and begged for me to seek help. Along with judge Steve Wilson that he said he agreed to long-term treatment for me. I’ll never forget what he said on this day that he believed in me knows I can and will get better that he has faith in me * All this was my motivation from this day forward. Started one day at a time with prayers ‚God ‚love, words of encouragement across the world. As a lady made me Facebook page( " prayer warriors for misty loman) here name was Tonia McCurty which I’m forever grateful for she touched my heart dearly. She died not long after she created this page may she rest in peace. I currently have 7k members in this group and want to say thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the prayers ‚words of encouragement. They loved me, lifted up my spirit until I could start loving myself again. I then started praying hard more than ever before had faith and I believed started going to church, got baptized, started setting goals, started to work on myself along with the 12 steps of AA &NA, I knew there had to better way than the way I was living. God carried me until I could stand on a solid foundation to where I’m at today. He has blessed me in so many ways I owe it all to God for bringing me out of the pits of hell. Today I put God first in my life and the promises have started to come true in my life. Today God has given me the best gift ever " peace of mind". I don’t live in fear of dying like I once did( yes I’m still sick not in remission at this time )but not sick in my mind like I once was. Only god knows when it’s time for me to go be with him. Today I love myself again, love the new me sober and clean ‚I have my kids & family & true friends back in my life which is where my heart is. I have a little over a year clean from all drugs and alcohol. This is truly a miracle from God that he blessed me with. So I wanted to reach out to others and share my experience, strength, hope to other addicts/alcoholics that are struggling ‚maybe stuck, or that see no way out that God works in mysterious ways, that prayer really works and it’s free and the most powerful thing anybody can do or do for you. God is really real& powerful I’m living proof of it. Please feel free to reach out to me I just know how it feels and how hard the struggle is each and every day and want ya to know I’m here for anybody that I can help in any way. To get in touch with me u can message me on my Facebook anyway or anytime I will respond !!!***"

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