Edmonson County Sheriff reflects on 2022 Redneck Rave

Redneck Rave is back in Kentucky in a big way
Published: Jun. 15, 2022 at 6:06 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - As of June 20, 18 charges have been made against people in association with Redneck Rave. Charges included drug possession, driving under the influence, and providing alcohol to minors.

18 is fewer than years passed, four dozen were charged at the 2021 Redneck Rave.

The Edmonson county Sheriff’s Office says the department conducted traffic safety checkpoints on Nolin Dam Road and on Ollie Road, near where the event was being held.

Emergency officials responded to several medical related calls and to help find a woman who went missing after getting lost on the trails.

Sheriff Shane Doyle released a statement about the event, saying, “while there wasn’t as much activity this year as there was last year, the sheer volume of people in the community and the nature of the illegal activity that is rampant during this event puts a lot of stress on all the emergency services in our county.”

Doyle also took the time to thank EMS, dispatchers, and volunteer fire fighters for their help this weekend.


It’ll be mud pits and mayhem in Edmonson County this weekend with the Redneck Rave back in town.

Organizer Justin Stowers, also known as country-rapper Justin Time, described the event as a “a week long party full of mud music and mayhem.”

“Friday is kind of when the festivities start. So, we’ll do some drag races. We’ll do some mud runs, you know, we’ll get the mud pit going all that good stuff. Lots of trail riding and stuff like that,” Stowers said. “Then Saturday night is our big day, which where we do our concerts and stuff like that. We have a lot of cool bands coming in. I never say who’s coming because I just let the people they sort of talk amongst ourselves.”

When asked why he chose the word redneck, given the connotations, Stowers said he has a different meaning for the word.

“I feel like the word redneck, some people see it as another way, but I see it as a bunch of good old boys and girls that like to have fun,” Stowers said. “As long as you are an honest person, then they’re honest back and they show you love.”

Redneck Rave has gained international publicity due to widespread drug use and injuries that have happened in the past, including a raver getting impaled two years ago.

“We don’t force anybody to come here. And at the end of the day, the people that are coming here, they they know the risks, you know, like when you’re dealing with a bunch of these machines, and you know, you’re flying, you’re going 50 miles an hour and a trail and all that kind of stuff, you know, accidents unfortunately do happen,” said Stowers. “But at the end of the day, we’re making sure that we’re there and have a prompt, you know, manner time and that way we can make sure those people get out safe if they you know, God forbid they do get injured.”

Even without the risk of injury, many worry about participating in the high temperatures as a heat wave continues to push through Kentucky.

“We literally have a truck full of bottles of water this time ... this is probably the hottest one we’re ever going to do,” Stowers said, adding that water bottles will be given out for free and be actively encouraged by all rave facilitators.

Stowers assured that the event will be safe, with EMS at the ready for any and all injuries. He also assured that all are welcome, so long as you’re there for a good time.

“The only thing that matters is if you’re coming here to have a good time and party, make new friends and all that kind of stuff,” he said.

The Edmonson County Sherriff’s office told WBKO that they expect to see congestion in the area due to traffic for the rave, and that emergency response times may be extended as forces will be congregated around the event.

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