Bowling Green police officers lose everything in house fire

Elisha and Abbie Perea’s home catches fire exactly three weeks after marriage
Published: Oct. 26, 2022 at 5:39 PM CDT
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SCOTTSVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) - “We lost nearly everything that we owned,” said Elisha and Abbie Perea, two Bowling Green Police Officers and newlyweds.

21 days after tying the knot, Elisha and Abbie Perea’s home was burned to the ground after a fire spread throughout the house. They lost just about everything in the fire including money, gifts from their wedding, guns, and a police car.

“I got a call from one of the sergeants at work. He said that there was a house in Allen County with two BGPD cruisers that was on fire,” said Abbie Perea.

The Perea family says that what little they did have together, was destroyed in the fire. “Quite literally just everything that we have is gone,” said Elisha Perea.

“We had a lot of cash from the wedding, and just our savings. We had all of our wedding presents,” said Abbie. “We had a lot of guns as well. Basically, just everything we own. We owned a lot of family heirloom pieces from both of us and just sentimental things.”

Elisha says that the house fire has not only deeply impacted their lives, but the lives of people around them as well.

“It is just kind of putting people’s lives on hold. It is not just our own, but you know, our close families,” said Elisha.

“Not to mention work. We are two officers and we work the same shift, so suddenly our shift is two people short,” said Abbie. “Frankly, they just can not really deal with it super well at the moment, just with the way that things are.”

The two officers are rebuilding their lives from the ground up, but not without support from their family, friends, and the community.

“We felt a lot of wonderful support from everybody at work and also just everybody in our community. They said anything we need, we can come to them,” said Abbie. “We had neighbors from all over, offering us rooms to stay in. People we did not even know were offering their houses up to us, so we feel very blessed and very grateful.”

“It is pretty spectacular. We are very blessed.” Elijah added.

Although material items can be replaced, lives can not. If you wish to help the Perea family rebuild after the devastating house fire, you can visit the following pages to donate:

GoFundMe Page #1

GoFundMe Page #2

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