Technology expert explains the importance of monitoring kids' phones and devices

Published: Mar. 29, 2019 at 1:11 PM CDT
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It's common to see both children and teens with smart phones these days. In an evolving digitally-driven world, our youth generation is often more up to speed in technology than adults.

Monitoring your children's devices, and internet searches are key factors for parents nowadays.

"Always trust but verify. You need to have open conversations, but the reality is, you still need to verify that they're doing what they're supposed to be doing," said Lisa Good, owner of GSG Computers, and author.

Good is the author of 'Are Your Kids Naked Online?' and says apps that hide content are always changing, so it's important for parents to monitor this realm of the digital world especially.

"Go to the app store on the phone, type in 'hide photos' or 'vault' app. Anything that pops up that says installed or opened beside it, it's already on their phone and they're hiding something," said Lisa Good, owner of GSG Computers, and author.

Good explains that parents can monitor devices and phones in other ways as well. She says if you install firewall that blocks certain websites on a computer, standard firewalls don't usually work well. According to Good, a business-grade firewall is the most effective.

"A lot of the firewalls that you can go to Office Depot, Amazon, Walmart and buy, your kids, they can bypass those like that," explained Good.

Good recommends reaching out to an IT provider in order to get access to a business grade firewall.